3 Rise Straight Stairs

Our 3 Rise Boarding Stairs are manufactured using ¾”plywood substrate. The plywood asubstrate is coated with fiberglass resin and then sprayed with black or white LAMINEX LEXAR, a poly-urea high performance coating manufactured by 3M, that is virtually indestructible.

This process makes our stairs 100% weatherproof, skid resistant, and safe for boarding your yacht. They will not discolor yellow, crack, blister or oxidize like other fiberglass units on the market. 

3 Rise Stairs (without landing) construction consists of:

  • 13” Treads

  • Slanted Risers

  • 23-3/4 wide x 36" long x 24" tall

  • Aluminum mounting rail to attach to your dock system

  • All models have an aluminum mounting rail making them easy to attach to your dock system.

  • 3 Stair SketchThe LAMINEX finish is sparkly black and looks great! Unlike fiberglass stairs ours can be painted.

  • Angled risers and wide treads make our stairs comfortable to walk.